~ "Las Vaquillas" (Little Bulls), take place the second weekend of July. They start on Saturday afternoon and finish on Monday night.
~ Teruel Lovers (The wedding of Isabel de Segura), are celebrated next to the 14th of February and the legend of Teruel Lovers (Diego Marcilla and Isabel de Segura) is performed all through the town centre and a lot of local people are disguised in medieval costumes.
~ Holy week, At Easter, at late March or early April, the town centre is crowded and religious demonstrations are marching along the streets, with religious images and the sound of drums, trumpets while the people are in silence at both sides of the street.
~ The Jamon Show, at early September, where everybody can taste the provincial products obtained from the legs of the pigs, which are famous all over Spain, or you can visit the stall of the beer, where you can drink different kinds of beer and have dinner.
~ The International Folklore Show, takes place at the beginning of September.
~ In the motorcyclist gathering, at early September, a lot of motorcyclists from all over the world came to Teruel meet here.